Hobby Plan Overview

The Free plan offers up some great new additions to help you get started on the right foot with I Done This. Whether you’re working alone or simply testing things out, this plan is sure to fit right alongside your needs.

In this article

Included Features

  • Post Entries. You can post your Dones, Goals and Blockers within your Personal Progress Log dashboard.
  • Calendar View. See your entries from a calendar perspective, and view multiple days within the calendar month.
  • Reminders and Digests. Get an email alert from our system to remind you to post to your I Done This account and get a daily summary of your entries.
  • Access to one nifty I Done This integration. Integrate your I Done This account with several integrations such as Slack, Alfred, and much more.

What's not included

  • Multiple Users. Adding multiple users to be able to view or add entries is not included. This works alongside the Team and Organization dashboards.
  • Access to more than one I Done This integration. The several apps and integrations beyond the first integration you have set up is not included.
  • Team/Organization Reports. These reports are only accessible with paid (Standard and upwards) plans.

Common Questions

What does the free plan look like and how do I differentiate the free plan from a team dashboard?

The free plan is usually located on the top left corner of I Done This and looks like the following. If you do not see it available you will have to activate the PPL in your account settings.

How can I enable my Personal Progress Log?

Click on your account settings here:  https://beta.idonethis.com/u/settings

Check the ''Enable personal progress log'' box and save changes. 

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