Billing invoices

If you're an Owner or a Team Admin, you'll get an email invoice for your I Done This charges.

If you can't locate your emailed invoice and need help obtaining a copy please send us a quick note here:

How do I switch billing contacts so that our accountant gets the invoices?

We send the team creator an email invoice for the team's I Done This charges.

If you want us to send the email invoice to someone else instead, just email us at and we'll redirect the email invoice.

Note that  Team Admins and Owners can always request past invoices at any time. They can then forward it to other parties.

Can I Done This bill everyone on my team separately?

Unfortunately, I Done This is not able to bill each team member individually for their participation on the team.

We bill the monthly or yearly total for the team to the credit card provided by the  Team Admins or Owners.

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