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🖋️Single Sign-On / SAML
🖋️Single Sign-On / SAML
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Single Sign-on is a feature that allows I Done This to integrate with tools that provide in session and user authentication services that permits a user to use one set of login credentials. An example of a service like this is OneLogin. This is all possible through SAML 2.0.

Where to find it?:

You can find it within your Organization settings. Simply click on your Organization on the left hand menu, and select on settings on the new page.

How do I set it up?:

In the case for OneLogin, you'll need the following information to set Single Sign-On functionality:

To put into your Single Sign-On App: your I Done This Organization ID. You can find this within the Service Provider URL in the last path. This will allow the app to recognize I Done This as the tool through a SAML response.

An example: - 3604117b would be your Organization I.D.

To put into I Done This as "Identity Provider URL": This can be found within the Single Sign-On App's end. You will need to copy the URL that app provides in order for I Done This to recognize the log-in entity through a SAML request. You can usually find this within your account settings or it will be provided for you when you create a new Single Sign-On request. Once you have this set up, you'll be able to log into I Done This through your Single Sign-On service provider.

Note: If you have any issues setting up SSO, please contact our support team at

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