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🕵🏻I want to create a team no one else can see. Can I set up a Private team?
🕵🏻I want to create a team no one else can see. Can I set up a Private team?
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ou can easily set up a team no one else can see except for those that are invited or are a part of the team. To get started, please make sure you have an Organization. If you don't know whether or not you have an Organization created, the bottom left corner of your screen will display your Organization name or "+ create organization"

Once there is a created Organization in place, go ahead and create your first team! If you already have a team, you can skip this step. To create a team, just click on the "+Create new team" button on the top left corner. If you already have a team created in place, just access the team dashboard by clicking the team name. You will know you're in the correct team dashboard when the team name box is highlighted red.

From here, click on the team settings button. You can find that in the middle of the left side menu below the options "Today", "Calendar" and "Members". After clicking team settings, you will be brought to a page where you can change your team name, reminder and digest preferences, and much more. We're interested in changing the privacy settings for this team for the purpose of this article. To find that, just uncheck the "Visible team?" option. Be sure to click the save changes button before exiting the page!

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