I Done This Dashboards

There are three dashboard types that you can be on in I Done This.

Personal: Every user on I Done This has a personal account. It is visible only to you and is the place where you can record your personal Dones and Goals. You can go to your personal log by clicking on the "Personal progress log" link on the upper left.

Organization: Once you upgrade to a business plan, you have to create an Organization. The Organization owner can create teams, add Organization members, and view Organization activity (the sum of all team activity within the Org.) You cannot record Dones on an Organization level.

Team: Every team is part of an Organization, and an Organization can have multiple teams. A team has one or more members. Team members can record their Dones for the day, which will be visible to other members of the team and Organization. A team can also be Visible or not. A Visible team can be seen and joined by any member of an Organization, while a non-visible team can only be seen by team members or admins.

Organization view

Organization view

Team view