I Done This Permission Levels

I Done This provides three types of permissions based on what type of member you are to the Organization or team: Owner, Admin and Member.

An Owner of the Organization is the creator of the I Done This organization of your group. They will have the first "admin" powers to assign individual members within the Organization to have Admin rights to create a new team, make other colleagues within the Organization as admins, delete teams, and edit the Organization billing information. You can find those permission settings within the Organization Members.

An Admin of the Organization is created when the Owner of the Organization assigns them as an admin. To assign admins of the Organization, simply head to your Organization Members page and scroll to the member list. Admins also have these permission settings to assign new Admins.

A Member of the team can log their entries, like and comment on the team, and request to join other teams. Members can also create teams and add/remove team members. However, they cannot assign new Admins or make changes on an Organizational level.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at help@idonethis.com