Posting different I Done This entries

You can easily post your  dones, goals or blockers within the application, through an integration or via email. 

Here's how:

Posting via the Website:

When posting via the app, you can change the entry type by clicking on the check mark interface, and selecting the check mark for a Done, a box for Goal and the x for Blockers. 

Posting via Integrations:

When posting through integrations, it will depend on how you set it up. If you've set up the Slack integration, you can post your dones through the slash command /done, a goal using /done [] and blockers using /done !. You can read more about how to post different entries  here.

Posting via Email:

When posting your entries via Email, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to post different entries. Put the closed brackets "[]" or "[ ]" to post a goal. For Blockers, simply add an exclamation mark, ! before your entry. You can enter multiple things by simply entering in a line break or by clicking enter on your keyboard after every item. 

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