Posting Images using Embedded Links

When posting any of Done, Goal or Blocker, you can post an embedded link that hosts an image. I Done This will properly recognize the image and post a smaller version of the image. Just make sure the image hosted is a .PNG, .JPEG or .GIF file.

To post an image into your entries, simply paste the link where your image is hosted. You can do this by posting via the website, responding to the Reminder email, directly emailing your entries or through an integration.

I've copied a link where the image is hosted, but the image isn't showing?:

You will need to copy the image address if the image is not properly posted within I Done This. Simply right click on the image, and grab the image address. That specific link will properly be posted within I Done This.

Want to give it a try? Copy this link here: and paste it into the entry field. Now watch it rain! :)