Some of my team members' emails are "decreased to send once a week" What's this?

If some of your team members' email subscriptions are "automatically adjusted due to inactivity," this means that these team members have been inactive on iDoneThis.  

When team members are inactive for some time, we reduce the number of reminder emails we send them so we don't annoy them. 

If you want to resume the reminder emails as regularly scheduled, just click "Reset Back."  We'll start sending emails to them again as regularly scheduled. 

But I have a colleague on the team that does not put entries into I Done This, and would still like to receive the digests.

No problem! Simply bypass the prompt, and de-select on the dates you have up already and save changes. After the changes have saved, re-select those dates you had set previously. This will bypass the decreased email feature, and continue to send those digest emails without any interruption.