I want to customize the question prompt for the email and the different entries. Can I do that?

You can change the question prompt when you and your team are posting within I Done This! You can change the type of question asked for each different entry for many reasons. You can create specific goal oriented teams within I Done This to answer specific questions, or track specific tasks in the team.  You can only customize the questions on team dashboards. Personal Progress Log users will not have access to this. When you change the entry type, our system will display three different questions:

To customize these questions, simply go into your team settings. You can find the team settings option on the middle of the left side menu below the "Today", "Calendar" and "Members" options. Once within your team settings, scroll to the category, "Customize". From here, you can change the prompted questions when you and your team enter in their entries. 

     Benji's Pro Tip: When you change the prompted question for completed entries, you're also changing the prompt when the Reminder emails are sent! 

Make sure you hit the save changes button before exiting the page! On the Customize page, you are able to toggle on the settings for  longer daily entries and showing the timestamp when you enter entries.