I Done This Entries


 Gives you the ability to record what you’ve accomplished. When you provide a Done, you’ve not only provided insight to your team of your work day, but it gives you a nice reflection of the work you’ve done throughout the day.

Benji's Tip - You can log your Dones by entering them within the website, emailing them from within your inbox, responding to the reminders I Done This sends every day, or by another app your team has integrated with I Done This. 


Gives you the ability to turn your Done list into a natural To-Do list. If you’re the type of person that likes to map their day or have outstanding tasks that you haven’t finished for the day, record it as a goal to finish it later within I Done This. Goals also carry over to the next day, so you don’t have to worry about posting it again tomorrow. 

Note** - On-going Goals that have not been completed will not be seen from your team's perspective. Only until you convert your Goal into a Done is when your team can see that accomplishment and when you set that Goal originally.

Benji's Tip - Goals are a great way to map your day, but we know how demoralizing it is as your To-Do lists become more and more unmanageable. So we made it so that you can easily check off goals within the website. Simply reflect back on certain goal items, and check them off as you’ve finished each goal. 


A newly added feature that gives your team the insight of what’s stopping you from being productive and accomplishing your goals. It will be marked bright red to indicate an urgency for assistance from your team. By logging in a Blocker, you’re making sure your team knows of the issue as it's a potential risk for the project, budget, and communication.

Benji's Tip - Blockers can really shine some light on the issues you're facing for the day. If you mention a team member that can help you with the @mention, that will send them an email notification to that user that acts as an SOS for urgency for your specific blocker.