I Done This Emails

I Done This is a dead simple but incredibly powerful tool for keeping your team connected, productive, and happy. Here’s how it works:


At the end of each day, we’ll send an email to everyone on your team asking, “What’d you get done today?” All you have to do is reply. Write down your accomplishments for the day and hit send. 

The reminder also displays a snippet of what you've done in the past. We find that it acts as a good example of what you can post into your entries and gives you a sense of accomplishment through past reflections.


We’ll take every team member’s responses and compile it into an email digest. The email digest goes out to the whole team first thing the next morning. That way, you’ll all start off the day knowing exactly how much progress you’ve made. If there were any entries made on the weekend, the digest will be sure to grab that information and display it on your Monday digest. It also displays any comments and likes made on your entries too! 

Benji's Tip: If you want to switch the order of the reminders and digests to turn I Done This into a powerful To-Do list, you can alter the times so that the Reminders come first and the Digests come at the end of the day! Click here to learn how to do that!

Team Dashboards

We also record every response on the shared team calendar online. Just log in whenever you like and check out what the team’s gotten done. You can “like” an entry or leave comments whenever you see that someone’s accomplished something awesome.

So there you have it: all you have to do with I Done This is write one email a day, read one email a day and check out the team’s online calendar whenever you like!