Make Daily Progress

92% of managers are wrong about what motivates employees. Studies show that the number one motivator of employee performance is not rewards, incentives or goal-setting, it’s progress.

Traditional project management tools fall short because they’re too focused on goals, incentives and the “to-do list.” They don’t care about what’s been done or what obstacles are hindering progress.

As such, they're missing out on the biggest productivity booster, progress, and they're not addressing the worst productivity detractor - setbacks to progress.

How I Done This Tracks Progress

I Done This uniquely focuses on tracking, highlighting and celebrating progress to avoid setbacks and motivate peak performance. All this happens asynchronously, with just an email or two a day.

The daily reminder encourages team members to pause and reflect on their individual progress each day. The team digest shows off everyone’s progress. The Like button allows the team to recognize achievements and celebrate small daily wins.

Removing Roadblocks

Remove roadblocks before they can hinder progress. Keep tabs on potential project blockers by reviewing the team’s digest daily. Any issue can be identified in the digest within 24 hours and immediately addressed adding comments in I Done This.

When problems do arise, mention relevant team members to loop them in and collaborate on a resolution.  Use I Done This to highlight those important conversation that might otherwise be lost in a chat thread or project management tool. Because I Done This is asynchronous, you won’t be interrupting their progress but you’ll still get the help you need.

Wistia's Culture of Progress

Some great companies use I Done This to tap into the motivational power of progress. Wistia uses I Done This as “an accomplishment list and a way to show others what we’re working on. Other tools don’t supply that.”

Wistia makes progress part of it's company culture by using I Done This to recognize accomplishments, learn what others are getting done and build conversations around each other's hard work.

Reddit Keeps it 'Real' and Real-time

Reddit finds I Done This uniquely useful for sharing progress with the team because so much of their work is “vague.” For the Reddit team, their daily accomplishments are “not like building something with your hands where you see the progress, so it’s nice to look back and see what you’ve done and what other people have been working on.”

Before I Done This, the Reddit team relied on a weekly email thread to share what they got done. They found it difficult to remember all the tasks accomplished after an entire week, especially when the tasks were so variable.

They turned to I Done This to record real-time information, every day. Seeing their daily progress recorded in I Done This proved incredibly motivating. As General Manager Erik Martin put it,  “it’s that personal ‘this is what I accomplished today’ that makes I Done This such a satisfying tool.”