Build Transparent Culture

In an interview, Gallup Business Journal found that  trust and workplace engagement were highly correlated. In fact, on a ten point scale of trust in management, moving up just one point has the same effect on employee life satisfaction as increasing their salary by a third.

At a time when Gallup reports that 70% of employees are disengaged from their workplace and costing companies billions in lost productivity, companies can’t afford not to build trust.

Why Transparency is Essential

That's where transparency comes in. Transparency matters because it builds trust between employees and their peers, between employees and their managers and between employees and the company. Being in the loop makes everyone more invested in the company’s growth and success.

On a practical level, transparency helps teams do better work by clearly communicating what’s been done and what’s left to do. Everyone can quickly get up to speed with ongoing projects. When projects derail, transparency helps teams catch it early on.

Everyday Transparency with I Done This

I Done This gives you total transparency into everything that is getting done at your company. Your team’s daily digest helps you kick off each day knowing exactly where everyone’s at, from the CEO on down. The online team calendar gives you insight into what’s been accomplished over time and records both individual and collective progress.

A Clear View Across Departments

I Done This also enhances transparency amongst different teams within the company. It helps the Marketing team see the Design team’s work, lets Accounting know what Business Development is doing these days, and it helps everybody sort of understand what the developers are up to.

Track Specific Projects

Use I Done This tags to get transparency across different projects or goals. Track progress on specific initiatives by making it a tag that everyone can use across various departments. Now everyone can see how all the different parts of #projectx, from coding to design, is coming along.

Gather Information in One Place

One difficulty with transparency is when information and recorded work is scattered across different tools.  Implement I Done This apps and integrations to streamline your tools and automatically bring completed tasks into I Done This. That way, everyone can see what’s getting done in one organized place, without having to login to various tools.

Buffer Makes it Personal with Transparency

Buffer, well-known for their commitment to and success with transparency, uses I Done This daily to share progress on work goals and personal goals. For them, transparency has a personal stamp on it and allows them to build an open culture of mutual support.

Shopify's Transparency Has Its Perks

Shopify uses I Done This as the foundation for their unique peer recognition and bonus system. Employees can thank each other by awarding each other points, or “unicorns,” for a job well done.

At the end of the month, the unicorns add up to a monthly bonus to that individual. Bonuses, unicorns and peer appreciation are all premised on transparency - share what you do with others and good things will come.

Transparency is crucial to culture and requires company-wide commitment, but it doesn’t have to take much time. With I Done This, it only takes a minute a day to share what you’ve done and you can get right back to the business of doing.