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✔️API Authentification
✔️API Authentification
Updated over a week ago

I Done This has two ways of authenticating with the API, via API token or OAuth token.

In order to get access to the API and whether an API token is enough, or if you want to create your own OAuth application that your application can use to create a full third-party integration; please contact our customer support team at


The API Token will give you access to your user and its usage is very simple and straightforward. Authentication is done with the Header parameter Authorization as key and Token YourTokenHere as value.

See the Javascript jQuery sample request below.


If you are building an application that needs to authenticate I Done This users as part of its flow, e.g. a third-party integration, you will need an OAuth application created by I Done This. After creation, you will receive a Client ID and a Client Secret that you can use as part of the standard OAuth authentication flow to let your application approve access to I Done This.

Once the OAuth handshake has been done and credentials for the user have been established, you can access the API on behalf of that user with the standard OAuth token authentication header.

More details of the OAuth endpoints, authentication, and sample code will be provided here soon.

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