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📑Reports Page
Updated over a week ago

The reports page is the perfect way to get a general overview of what types of entries are being entered into your team dashboard. It's also a place to track the most active members, giving you and the team a sense of bigger accomplishment.

How do I access the reports page and what does the graph represent?

The reports page can be accessed when you're on the team dashboard. From there, the left side menu will have a reports tab in which the data will represent that team. The graph represents the number of entries that are being entered for that time frame. As you can see, the green represents Dones, blue represents goals and red portions of the graph are blockers.

Is there a view that provides data for all of the teams I have for the Organization?

There is! You can access that information by clicking on the organization tab on the bottom left corner. From there, click the reports page that will provide a general overview of the team's activity.

** Please note that Private teams with the visible option toggled off will not be seen within the Organization Reports view.

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